Dr Sev Ozdowski OAM
ACHRE President
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Vincenzo Andreacchio
Executive Officer
Email: achre@live.com.au

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Donations to Australian Human Rights Education Fund (AHREF)
The Australian Committee on Human Rights Education manages the Australian Human Rights Education Fund (AHREF). The Fund was established to raise funds to maintain and provide human rights education programs at the national, regional and local levels. The goal of these programs was to strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Australian society.

For example, the funds raised were used to establish the Australian Centre of Human Rights Education (ACHRE) at RMIT in Melbourne, to fund a number of human rights education conferences and seminars, including the International Conference on Human Rights Education "Educating for Human Rights, Peace and Intercultural Dialogue", held at University of Western Sydney between 4-6 November 2010 - for a summary of conference proceedings see ICHRE 2010; to fund ACHRE Citizen of Humanity Program - please see the contact details on the left.

Your financial support for human rights education initiatives is most welcomed and appreciated. To make a donation please use the Australian Human Rights Education Fund (Commonwealth Bank, 150 St George’s Terrace, Perth, WA, Account number 06 6000 10498534).

All gifts made by Australian taxpayers to AHREF are tax deductible.

Human Rghts Day in Darwin NT
As Individuals You Can

Volunteer at ACHRE
There are various ways in which volunteer activity can benefit - you can join the Citizen of Humanity project, help circulate and mobilize for various campaigns/ signature campaigns, raise human rights awareness among your own circles.
Sign and articulate solidarity in the various campaigns
There are many ongoing campaigns in various areas of human rights, your association with these campaigns will go a long way, please visit our campaigns section and contact us for any further details. Spread awareness on various rights issues locally and internationally
Spread awareness on various rights issues locally and internationally
We need to teach human rights as a standard part of school curricula.
Contribute in kind

Organisations and Corporate

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Activity
  • Expose Staff and stakeholders to Human Rights campaigns and human rights issues
  • Initiate human rights seminars and workshops for staff and stake holders
  • Help publish pamphlets and publish articles/books
  • Sponsor workshops held for students, volunteers, teachers, medical, legal and law enforcement professionals